Hair Care Guide

hair-careEthical Extensions Hand Tied Micro Wefts are probably the best crafted in the world. As they are all made by hand and no glue is used, extra care must be taken when brushing. The gift brush (known as a loop brush) provided to you with your purchase allows for risk free brushing. Please ensure you take it with you to your salon in case they do not have one. It is imperative that brushing the hair is kept clear of the weft itself. If a loop brush is unavailable, a soft brush without bristles should be used. If bristles get in to the weft it will loosen and disrupt the weft, this can lead to shedding and the entire weft being destroyed.

For styling purposes we a round/bristle brush can be used on the mid/lengths of the hair. NEVER CUT HAND TIED WEFT – it will ruin the weft and is not repairable.

Care must be taken when undertaking a weave removal not to cut the weft or your hair.
We generally recommend a wash a roller set as a way of cleaning the hair extensions and your natural hair. The rollers will provide a safe way of drying all the hair, providing body and bounce or straight depending on what finish you require. suitable heat protection should be used on the hair during drying and styling periods.

Use a good quality hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, heat protection/styling.
If you go swimming ensure you plait all the hair to help prevent matting.