Our Story

Ethical Extensions has been born to transform the hair extension market, pioneering in its approach and setting new standards. Ethical Extensions is the only hair extension company in the world that is ethical, in all aspects of its business.

“Where have you been all my life?” We are sorry that its taken this long, we have been working very hard for over 4 years to perfect the sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, testing, supply and retailers. The great part to this, is you know that our hair is tried and tested, and has been perfected over many years of research. No one likes complaints, and we have not had any. The wait has been worth it.

What makes us ethical:


Ethical Extensions has a shop in Peru where people come to us to sell their hair, Ethical Extensions does not go to them. We pay above average for the hair. Ethical Extensions cut the hair in a sensitive way, this can allow our customers to still retain length, body and a style. All our hair is inspected prior to cutting, for quality, to ensure it is virgin hair and cleanliness.

We are ethical in how we source and buy our hair.


Ethical Extensions manufacture both machine wefts and hand tied micro wefts. The machine wefts are manufactured using a three head sewing machine to help mitigate against shedding. Our hand tied micro wefts are pieces of art in themselves. The hair is knotted using our secret method within string to form the weft, the knots are pulled tightly to form a very small and neat weft. The hair is always very carefully sorted, to ensure it is Remy (the cuticles going in the same direction).

We are ethical in our manufacturing, ensuring high quality standards are met. Ethical Extensions provides training and education for our employees, good working conditions and pays above the minimum wage always.


Ethical Extensions believes in providing the best possible quality product at the best possible price.

Ethical Extensions wants you to look and feel the best, and get the most out of your extensions.
These extensions can last years with caring for them.

To understand more about the hair extensions, the touch, the colour, the quality we rely on our selected salons to provide you with unrivalled customer service and sales process.

We want your ethical extensions purchase to last as long as possible, and we will provide all the information online and via the selected salons to make this happen. We’re ethical in our approach for you to purchase.